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Q1: I don't remember my password. What do I do?
Q2: What makes your service different from other reminder services?
Q3: Do I get charged for having my reminders on your site?
Q4: I'm using the correct information, but can not log in! What is the problem?
Q5: Why am I not receiving my all of my reminders?
Q6: I entered the wrong name while registering. How can I correct this?
Q7: How do I add my own reminders?
Q8: At what time will I recieve my reminders?
Q9: I want a Holiday that you don't have listed, can I add my own?
Q10: Is it possible to include one time events such as Dr. appointments, birthday parties, and charity events?
Q11: I’m using Windows XP, and some of the FTD Reminders pages look funny. What should I do?
Q12: When trying to register for FTD Reminders I keep getting an error message saying, ''the email address that you have entered belongs to another customer. Please re-enter your email address''. What's happening?
Q13: I have tried many times to retrieve my password, but have not received a response.
Q14: How do I unsubscribe from FTD Reminders?
Q15: If I register with FTD Reminders, will my personal information be shared or sold to other companies?
Q16: My email address has changed. How can I update it?
Q17: I received an email asking me to download an attachment or click a link to update my password. Is this a genuine notice?


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